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Light Tents / Photo Tents


OBN light tent is ideal for product and still life photography. This light tent work like a photography light box, it is designed to evenly diffuse and distribute harsh external light, which creates a shadow less lighting environment for product photography. Light tent also use for minimizing reflections and glares. Our light tent is manufactured from specially designed photographic fabric that is great for light diffusion. Anyone can create clean and professional product photos within seconds, even with no prior experience in photography. Put the item to be photographed in the light tent and light up the tent with a couple of lamps. No professional flash or strobe light is needed. Following are the basic feature of an OBN light tent...

  • Front removable panel with zipper slit

  • Top panel with zipper slit

  • Interior loops located on left/right top of the tent use for hanging objects

  • Interior Velcro use for attaching included backdrops

  • Can be folded down and store in a round carrying case


$11.25 - $16.25

$14.99 - $19.99


$20.25 - $25.25

$22.49 - $27.49


12" light tent

17" light tent

20" light tent

24" light tent

30" light tent






33" light tent

84" hanging light tent

60" black light tent